minix-up project (2002-2005)
Limited in two (plus one) years, from 2002-05-26 to 2005-05-25
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  Status: Closed. Timeline and cvsknit are the results.
  MINIX microkernel and its subsystems were appeared in 1990's 
to bring a practical open-source environment of Operating 
System (OS) for educational foundation, and became BSD licence
at 2000. 
  This project try to integrate its historical transition by 
kniting up offsprings and a Historical CVS repository. 

   Is MINIX really the father of Linux? (Japanese only yet)

  Project Overview  [ Japanese / English (translation)  ]
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  Project Summary
      includes latest news, and report-tracking interface.

  Research offsprings:
  MINIX timeline (1961-2004)
      [ Submit a report ] (English/Japanese language)

  CVS Repository building tool:
      Building a CVS Repository from existing source packages, 
      with their originally release dates.

  Experimental disclosure:
  CVS Repository Lab (CVSlab)
      These Repository were built with cvsknit. [ Submit a report ] (English/Japanese language)

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